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Books, books, books
by Emma Kathryn

Emma is a witch, Obeah woman and Vodouisant, practicing a mix of traditions that fully represents her heritage. She lives in the middle of England in a small rural town where her weirdness is well known! You can find her in the woods, out by the river, sometimes collecting this or that, often muttering to herself, quite often talking to a tree or bird. 

She is a prolific writer and creator and here is where you can learn more about her books.

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Emma's work

In addition to writing for Gods & RadicalsThe House of TwigsWitch Way Magazine, on her personal blog, and on here, she is the author of several books.  All of books are available at online retailers or ordered from your local book store.

  • Reclaiming Ourselves (Gods & Radicals Press) is a practical guide designed to allow people to begin on the path towards untangling themselves from the confines of Capitalism. Emma explores how we can reclaim ourselves through food security, our relationships with our own bodies, the land as well as witchcraft and paganism.​​


  • Reclaiming Food Cook Book (Gods & Radicals Press) builds on the issue of food security. Emma takes the reader through a series of recipes that are cheap, easy to cook and can form a balanced and nutritious diet. Reclaiming Food aims to give people back those forgotten skills so that we can make the most of what we have.


  • Witch Life (Llewellyn Worldwide) is purely magic and witchcraft! Emma provides a trove of recipes, exercises, spells, rituals with the hope that they will allow you to help develop a daily practice.

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