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Get to Know Us

If you listen to Lilith's Left Hand podcast, then you are already getting to know us.  We are really open about ourselves, our experiences, and our ideas.  We want to underpin the importance of practice and actually getting into our own unique work.  In order to find our own practices we search, study, change, adapt, and integrate knowledge.  We are sure that there are so many other learners and practitioners out there who want to share their knowledge, gifts, and perspectives while learning about the knowledge, gifts, and perspectives of others.  If that sounds like you, we are so excited to have you join us.

Meet The Team

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Emma Kathryn Porter

Emma is a witch, Obeah woman and Vodouisant, practicing a mix of traditions that fully represents her heritage. She lives in the middle of England in a small rural town where her weirdness is well known! You can find her in the woods, out by the river, sometimes collecting this or that, often muttering to herself, quite often talking to a tree or bird.


She writes for Gods & RadicalsThe House of TwigsWitch Way Magazine, on her personal blog, and on here!  She is the author of Reclaiming Ourselves, Reclaiming Food Cook Book, and Witch Life. Learn more about her books here


She teaches a variety of classes from herbalism to tarot and leads an Obeah mentorship program. Find her on her website.

Does she even have any free time after all that?!  

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Jessica van Waardenburg

Jessica is a witch, energy practitioner, yoga enthusiast, amateur astrologer, and curious student flowing with the infinite through the cultivation of her personal daily practice.  She lives in Oregon where she spends her days with her three daughters, her husband, and three furry family members.  She can be found tending the backyard or walking the trails alongside a gaggle of small raucous laughing feminists.

She has always been known to talk a lot so no one is surprised that she  is the co-host of two podcasts, Lilith's Left Hand, and MagikCool Podcast which she co-hosts with that guy to the right.

She teaches a class called the Keystone Course which is a foundational mentorship through which she helps individuals develop their own unique personal practice.  

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Paul van Waardenburg

Paul is the amazing producer of Lilith's Left Hand.  He is a valued team member and his truth telling is much appreciated.  If it weren't for his skills and encouragement, we would never get this out there.

He is a practitioner of magic, manifestation, and intention following his path through a blend of Gnosticism, Hinduism, and pure Chaos.  

This father of three, a nurse, can be found working in Hospice to help the dying who are crossing over, their loved ones needing empathetic support, and his fellow nurses.  He advocates for work life balance alongside holistic patient centered health care.

His voice and thoughts can actually be heard on MagikCool Podcast, Revolution RN, and by attending his Money Talk groups which he hosts so that he can talk money magik which is one of his favorite subjects.

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